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If you enjoy the true outdoors, we are in the middle of everything at the wilderness village.

Go hiking, fishing, hunting, kayaking, join a wilderness safari, or cycle along the Klarälven river - however you choose to get around we can promise you outdoor adventures all along the way.

The range of activities available is wide and varied, whether you’re an adult or a kid full of energy and creativity.

Explore the forests and wildlife.

Seeing animals in their natural environment and being able to get really close to them is an experience for all the family. 

Around our village there is moose, deer, foxes, wolfes, links and lots of amazing birds and others critters.


There is many hiking trails all around the area.

In Ransbysätter there is lots of beautyful trails as well as non trail only terrain areas.


If you get a local map or go to VISIT HAGFORS or VISIT SUNNE  you will find more great trails to explore. We have an info Point at the camp for you to check out!


Fishing & paddling

There is a huge amount of fishing lakes and rivers around the area.

HinnsjönLakenesjön or Björklången.

For you that loves to explore the area by paddling there is lots to see and places to go.


For fishing you have to get a fishing permit that easily can be bought in stores in the area as well as local sellers. If you want to go paddling we will help you find a local company that will arrange your activity.


For any questions or help to arrange feel free to contact us and we will guide you through it to make your stay the ultimate for you!​

 MAKE A RESERVATION  -46 722068698

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